Mothers Union Logos
Here are some Mothers Union logos for you to print and use in your posters and documents.

Before using any of the 140th Anniversary logos please take a moment to select this link to read the 140th Anniversary Logo Guidelines.

(Note that this web page does not contain the Designer Versions or Special Gold Versions of the logo.)

If you produce posters or documents, especially if they can be seen by non-members of the Mothers Union, it's recommended that you select this link to read the House Style Guide which deals in more detail with the branding of the Mothers Union.

To download a logo file, right click on the logo image and choose "Save Target As.." or
"Save Link As.." depending on your browser.

MothersUnion_COL MothersUnion_BW Diocese_Bath_and_Wells_COL Diocese_Bath_and_Wells_BW MothersUnion_option1_logo_ALTERNATE MothersUnion_option1_logo_BW MothersUnion_option2_logo_ALTERNATE MothersUnion_option2_logo_BW Standalone_Celebration_4Col Standalone_Celebration_BW Standalone_MothersUnion_4Col Standalone_MothersUnion_BW
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