Here are some booklets for you to print and use.

To download a booklet file, right click on the booklet image and choose "Save Target As.." or
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A Bit About Us

An introduction to Mothers Union and our diocese

8 page A5 as single sheets


Family Life Programme

The Family Life Programme's local motto is "to build relationships and fight poverty, sickness and ignorance"

4 page booklet


Literacy and Financial Education Programme

Mothers Union Literacy & Financial Education Programme (LFEP) teaches literacy, numeracy, and business skills and savings knowledge and operates in a total of six regions of Sudan and three regions in Malawi.

4 page A4 as single sheets


The Millennium Development Goals and Beyond

Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals; and the post 2015 development agenda for women and girls

4 page booklet


Worldwide Parenting Programme

Promoting the importance of parenting and its impact on family life is a common goal for Mothers Union members worldwide

4 page booklet


Woman's Empowerment

Woman's empowerment and the link to sustainable development

4 page booklet

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