Our Team
Our Team


Diocesan President Margaret Hendy
Bath Archdeaconry President Elizabeth Perrott
Taunton Archdeaconry President Rowena Merson
Wells Archdeaconry President Mary Earle
Action & Outreach Unit Co-ordinator Madeline Hellier
Faith & Policy Unit Co-ordinator Ann Cattermole
Finance Unit Co-ordinator - Vacant -
Marketing Unit Co-ordinator Chris Mahony
General Trustees Diana Wade
Janet Angle
Karen Yerbury


Diocesan Secretary Rosemary Tullett
Diocesan MUe Representative Chris Mahony
Diocesan Members Representative Jane Tibbs
Springs Sarah Lockie
Action & Outreach Unit  
  Parenting Pam Cavalini
  Knitted Garments Hilary Hughes
  Contact Centre - North Somerset Beryl Rogers
  Contact Centre - Frome Jenny Ayrton
  Women's Aid Judith Riley
  Baby Gowns Glenys Brown
  Away From It All Lydia Munday
  Overseas Treasurer Liz Green
Faith & Policy Unit  
  Policy Karen Yerbury
  Worldwide Links Gay Curtis
  Retreats John Littler
  Cathedral Prayers - Vacant -
  Taunton Prayer Representative - Vacant -
  Wells Prayer Representative Jill Done
  Bath Prayer Representative - Vacant -
  Indoor Members Anitra Steckles
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