Our Team


Diocesan President Madeline Hellier
Action & Outreach Unit Co-ordinator - Vacant -
Faith & Policy Unit Co-ordinator - Vacant -
Finance Unit Co-ordinator Margaret Willmott
Marketing Unit Co-ordinator - Vacant -
General Trustees Pam Cavallini
Sally Bult
Kathryn Tucker


Diocesan Chaplain Revd Wendy Mitchell
Diocesan Treasurer Sally Bult
Diocesan Secretary Veronica Elks
Diocesan MUe Representative Chris Mahony
Communications Chris Mahony
Diocesan Members Representative - Vacant -
Gift Aid Eileen Heath
Action & Outreach Unit  
  Parenting Pam Cavalini
  Knitted Garments - Vacant -
  Contact Centre - Chair Margaret Hendy
  Contact Centre - North Somerset Karen Barnett
  Contact Centre - Frome - Vacant -
  Sewing Glenys Brown
  Away From It All - Vacant -
  Worldwide Treasurer Shirley Farrington
Faith & Policy Unit  
  Policy - Vacant -
  Worldwide Links Gay Curtis
  Retreats - Vacant -
  Cathedral Prayers - Vacant -
  Indoor Members Anitra Steckles
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