The Faith and Policy Unit underpins the whole work of the Mothers' Union by encouraging members to enrich their prayer lives corporately and individually.

The unit arranges a quiet/study day each year. The choice of venue being made by a panel. there is a speaker and a short service.

In the Autumn there is a Retreat usually held at Abbey House.

Branch Worship is renewed each year, as this is a help for leaders and distributed at the Autumn panel meeting.

Praying Hands

Cathedral Prayers

Cathedral Prayers are arranged on the third Thursday of each month, in the Lady Chapel in Wells Cathedral at 11.30am-12 midday. These include midday prayers to end. See the Diary page for dates.

More on Cathedral Prayers...

Wave of Prayer

The 'Wave of Prayer' for our diocese falls on the 25th-28th January each year. This is when we pray especially for our links in Africa and India and they especially pray for us.

Our link diocese are:

Throughout the year we pray for dioceses around the world.

Indoor Members

Indoor Members have a prayer diary, a Christmas card and letter from the President. At Easter they also get a card and letter, often from the Chaplain. It is the responsibility of the Branches to keep in touch and inform the Liaison officer when a 90 or 100 birthday is coming up. Also to inform the Liaison Officer when a member dies.


The committee members are available for help and some give talks. The Chaplain is always ready to give help. There is also a folder with ideas for prayers, talks, meditation, and readings. There are useful books of prayers produced by the Mothers' Union. The Marketing Officer is ready to help with finding appropriate books.

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