Diocesan Members
Do you want to be a member of the Mothers' Union but don't have time to attend meetings?

Well ... Diocesan membership might be just for you!!

Joining the Mothers' Union offers all kinds of opportunities for getting involved, but membership asks nothing more from you than your support for our beliefs and an annual subscription. We will keep you informed of our work and achievements and ask for your prayers.

Whether you join as a branch member or a diocesan member you will be part of our worldwide fellowship!

What happens if I join as a Diocesan Member?

  • You will be kept up to date with Mothers' Union news and your local diocesan events and projects.
  • You can choose to volunteer with project work.
  • You can get involved with events and
  • You can attend retreats and festivals.
  • You may like to organize something of you own.
busy mum

Full membership includes


The subscription for 2024 is £30

How do I join?

To join us as a Diocesan Member print out and fill in the membership form (PDF format) and send it to the address given on the form.

Alternatively, contact the Mothers Union office at Wells and we'll send you a form.

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